Lily’s Promise

Our Inspiration – Liliane

​The family focus at Claremont Retirement Village is inspired by Managing Director Patrick Bismuth’s late mother, Liliane. Liliane – or Lily – was a devoted woman and dedicated volunteer who was passionate about seniors and senior care.

In her honor, we’ve renamed our Memory Care program to Lily’s Promise. While Lily did not have Alzheimer’s disease, she would appreciate the emphasis on dementia because when someone is living with memory loss, it affects the entire family. Lily’s Promise and our focus on family at Claremont Retirement Village represents our commitment to our residents and their families. At Claremont, you can expect a high level of integrity and compassion from our staff.

We want our residents to enjoy a lifestyle that makes them smile, that is what would make Lily smile the most.

Lily’s Promise

“ The name Lily’s Promise was derived from my mother’s innate compassion for others. Liliane, or “Lily” for short, was always more concerned for those in her care than she was for herself. After she passed away a few years ago, I decided I wanted to create senior care homes that placed that same level of emphasis on compassion that she always did. I decided that our homes would specialize in providing the best available care to families with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

I truly believe that our communities provide the ideal environment for safety and catered attention for addressing the specialized needs of our residents.

In addition, I wanted to personally make a difference in an area of healthcare where I believe it’s most needed. With Alzheimer’s Disease now thought to be the 3rd leading cause of death among seniors, it’s impacting more families every single day.

By providing a safe and caring homes for our seniors, I believe we can have a positive impact on the lives of the families that choose to entrust us with their family members, as they endure the progressive changes of the aging process.

However, the ultimate reason I created the name, Lily’s Promise, was to represent my commitment to our residents and their families, as to the level of care, integrity, and compassion they will receive from myself, as well as every member of our staff each and every day.

We proudly post these core values with a sense of pride. We understand the level of care you expect for your loved family members, and I am committed to providing a level of care that would make my mother smile and proud.”

– Patrick

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